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On Sunday night we had our summer family meeting.  The main part of this meeting was to announce to the church our new mission statement!

Our mission is to treasure Christ, love one another and reach our world.

Both biblically and historically the mission of the church has been three-fold: upward, inward and outward.  This means that the church exists for the glory and praise of God, for the strengthening and maturing of Christians in their faith, and for the spread of the gospel throughout the world.  This is the mission every evangelical church shares.  Therefore, our fundamental mission hasn’t changed in the 23 years of our existence as a church.  So, even though the contours of our mission will never change, our mission statements have!   Mission statements  serve primarily for clarity and focus.    A mission statement helps us to easily remember what we’re called to and helps us to evaluate if we indeed are accomplishing God’s purpose for our church.  With all of the change and transitions we’ve experienced over the past year plus, we believe the Lord led us through a re-evaluation of our mission statement in order to give us a clarity regarding His call on our church going forward.   We look forward to taking the next few weeks to look at each of these elements.  We plan to preach on treasuring Christ and loving one another and reaching our world over the next number of weeks.  And we look forward to all the ways the Lord is going to help us to accomplish the mission He has for Sovereign Grace Church.

May God continue to receive glory through our church in the months, years and decades to come!

The Pastors