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What an incredible day yesterday was!   For the first time in our history we had our baptism in the service, and God met us!  Congratulations to the 13 who publicly confessed their faith in Christ in front of our church family through baptism.  As we studied Matthew 28 and Romans 6 we looked at 3 reasons why baptism is so important: 1)  Because Jesus commands every Christian to be baptized, 2) Because of what baptism symbolizes and 3) Because of what baptism publicly proclaims.  I hope that you were encouraged as you considered your own baptism or are considering baptism in the near future.  I also hope these questions will serve you as you reflect on this past Sunday.

1)  How does knowing that your baptism connects you in obedience to Christ with Christians of all centuries affect you?

2)  What profound reality does baptism symbolize?  Have you forgotten this or do you tend to lose sight of the fact that you are united with Christ?  How would you best describe your union with Christ?  What difference does it make in your daily life knowing that you have been united with Christ in all parts of His life and work?

3)  Through baptism we publicly proclaim our allegiance to Jesus Christ.  How would you describe your current allegiance to and commitment to following Jesus Christ?  How did yesterday remind you of the call of God on your life to turn your back on the world and be fully devoted to Christ?

4)  How can we encourage one another in these things?  Is there someone you know who needs to be reminded of their union with Christ or encouraged to sell out for Christ in their life?  How is the Lord calling you to speak into their life?

So grateful for our church!